08 October 2013

"I don’t think you have to suffer to make art, and I don’t think my sometimes-failure to learn from my own mistakes has the goal of making art in mind at the outset, but I do think that both come from the same place within me maybe. It’s the wanting out of self, the longing for something higher–-sometimes by way of misguided vehicles–-beautiful and ugly."  --M. Broder

22 July 2013

More Daydreaming

Suspicious bunnies

This began as a piece for a friend's nursery last summer. Her son will be a year old in September. I'm a bit behind, but my intentions are good. This took a creepier turn than expected when I added those rabbits. Maybe?

01 June 2013

Office Space

 I drew this last fall while I was daydreaming in my cubicle. Oh, to have an office. I guess my daydream office is decorated in mid-century modern.

16 April 2013

Close ups

New Doodles. Discarded watercolors/work boredom

13 January 2012

For the dogs

Some pieces for a benefit. Dogsdeservebetter.org

16 November 2011


Did some drawings for a Halloween-themed show.

22 November 2010

A true blue doodle.

Oh, lord, please help me...
will this semester ever end?!?

(this is sideways)

06 November 2010


I've actually been able to do some drawing. Here and there. Mostly at school or work.
The theme has been abandoned, and I am using the sketchbook as a "journal." In other words, just drawing aimlessly. But isn't that the way it is?

A selection of my progress...

This one happened back in September. The first night of my diagnosis/treatment planning class.

Did this one at the dining room table. That might be me as a child.

Community Services Board. Between clients.

Did this in the front row of class (still in progress). Right in plain view of my professor. Quite ballsy. I promise I'm learning how to do awesome treatment plans.

Got til January to fill this thing up. 24 more pages.

25 August 2010

eleven by fourteen.


I very much like working on small drawings. 8" X 4" is perfect.
But I purchased some larger paper for a friend's "commissioned" piece, and now the doodler in me feels a need to use all of this nice, BIG watercolor paper.

I also have a yard sale picture frame that I'd like to fill.

So do bigger drawings. Not a big deal.

Except, I really like to make small drawings.

I had fun with this one. I did it while watching "The Parent Trap."
The one with Haley Mills.
Notice how much space I left on the paper.
And the image is just horrible because I couldn't fit the whole thing on the scanner.

But I will continue to experiment with larger sizes. See how it goes.

20 August 2010


So, during the last few (several) months I have been relying on the same excuse: I am too busy to tend to my *cough* artwork.

Then, I signed up for the sketchbook project (see last post) and that relit a fire in me. Unfortunately, I have hit a bit of a rough stitch. I was ambitious and opted to have a random theme assigned to me rather than choosing my own from the list of possibles.

My theme: Figuring Yourself Out.

I haven't the foggiest. I'm just going to use it as a sketchbook and work off-theme. Take that!

However, I did attend a figure drawing class a few weeks ago. My first in two years. I thought, "Figures, "figure yourself out," figures!" Why not? Then I remembered that I am not great at figure drawing.

Also, it's difficult to draw bodies in a tiny 6" X 8" sketchbook (My own. Not the one from the "project")

Alas, I am not going to be drawing many more figures. But I'm going to use the next week to get some projects finished. I just drew a really great tree for a friend.
My best yet.
Little victories!

01 March 2010


Roget's Thesaurus

Aha, I am still finding book covers on which to noodle and doodle. This one was a thesaurus. This one took shape while I made pecan blondies from scratch. I was also avoiding midterm studies. I've eaten about 20 blondies today. This one. I don't know about this one. Antlers that look like tree-branches and vaguely flame-like trees.

How Toys Become Real

I found a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit in my mother's bookshelf on Saturday, just a day after I had completed this doodle. (This doodle was inspired by said book.) I thought that it was my copy, and I even said, "You have my old book!" My mother corrected me, telling me that she had used the book with her clients when she was a therapist--"To help them with themes of reality." She had written her name in the front cover. I swore that it was my book. My mother told me, "No, you just liked to write your name in everything when you were little." And there it was, my name, written quite messily, a few pages into the book.

Later in the day, I picked up a porcelain dog that my father had brought back from Japan or somewhere. Some little imp had drawn on the bottom of the dog's feet with a pencil.

So, themes: Love can make you real. It's hard to love something that's shiny or pointy. Just because you write your name in something doesn't necessarily make it yours. As a child, I was sort of destructive. Coincidence is fun.

09 November 2009

Freehand Herringbone

So, I lied. I still have some old book covers lying around. I didn't think I'd have the time to doodle, but, I was wrong. In fact, it turns out the stress of doing research can drive a body batty. I was looking for any excuse to take a break. Going for a run, mopping the floor, doodling a little bit. I did this one with my note-taking pen. Then I slapped on a bit of paint. It only took ten minutes. Maybe the whole "sketch and plan" thing needs to be scrapped for good. At least, for therapy's sake.

My doodles are usually very geometric--lines, grids, cubes--but only when I'm doodling (not paying attention) in class.
When I doodle at home, usually a result of craving the feel and smell of art supplies, I return to this avian theme.

I can't stop thinking about sweaters and shoes. Stuff I can't afford.